Hitting the Ground Running

What You'll Learn In A Food Service Program

Food service programs can be beneficial for many types of people. For those who are considering a career in food service, it will give you the tools to enter the field with some skills built up. Those who are already working in food service will gain knowledge that can help them get to a higher position and to be more effective in their jobs. Here are some of the important skills taught in a food service program. 

Food Preparation and Food Safety

The first component of a food service program is instruction in food preparation and safety. Basic food handling skills can be useful both in daily life and in the workplace. Food safety skills take a bit of memorization, and it can be helpful for employees and new learners to review these skills. For instance, safe handling of meats, safe storage of different kinds of foods, and safe skills for kitchen emergencies may be taught in these programs. 

Workplace Safety

Another component of a good food service program is safety training for the workplace. The nature of food preparation requires you to work around many pieces of equipment that can present hazards, such as sharp knives, heated stoves, and even other co-workers. Getting a good workplace safety education will prepare you to manage your own hazards but also to be vigilant of those around you to make sure everyone is safe. 

Computer Training

Many food service establishments are beginning to use computerized programs for various tasks, including tracking inventory, ordering new supplies, and making notes of the daily operations process. Many food service programs will allow you to get hands-on experience with the types of database management systems that you might encounter on the job. This is a good opportunity to beef up your computer skills if you are lacking in this area. 

Customer Service

Depending on the depth of your particular food service program, you may also encounter some aspects of customer service training. Even if you plan to work primarily in the kitchen, you may need to interact with some customers when needed. 

While each food service program is different, these are some of the basic components that are part of many food service programs. While some of these skills can be learned online or through experience, a well-organized and in-person food service program brings them to life with classroom instruction and supervision from a knowledgeable instructor. 

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