Hitting the Ground Running

Planning Water Delivery For Your Weekend Festival

If you are in charge of any sort of weekend festival, whether it be a music festival or even an extended athletic event, one of the most important things you'll need to do is contract with a water delivery service. Packing a lot of people into a space without a great source of water is a recipe for disaster, especially when drinking is involved. Here are a few tips to ensure your water delivery plans make things easier for both the attendees and the staff:

1. Arrange for multiple deliveries throughout the festival

You might figure you'll just have a bunch of water delivered at the beginning of the event to simplify things. However, this approach has a few downfalls. Storing enough water for a few days requires a lot of space, especially at a larger festival. You probably won't be able to keep all the water cool, so you'll have to assign staff to rotate it in and out of the coolers, which takes a lot of time. It's actually better to just have more water delivered each day so you're never dealing with such a huge volume of it. This also makes it easier to get extra water if you end up going through more than you planned. It's easy to call the water company and say "please bring more" when they already have you in their schedule. 

2. Order water in multiple container types

If possible, order some water in bottles and also some water in big dispensers. You can set up dispensers with paper cups throughout the facility, and then offer bottled water under tents and in more confined, organized spaces. This way, you won't get as many plastic bottles strewn about the festival site — just paper cups, which are biodegradable. You'll also be able to offer water in more spots, which encourages guests to drink more and remain adequately hydrated.

3. Ask the water delivery company to take the waste

If you let all of your empty water bottles pile up throughout the festival, you'll have a ton to get rid of by the end. Ask your water delivery company if they would be willing to take your empty bottles with them each day when they drop off more water. Some companies may charge an extra fee for this, but it's often worth knowing you don't have to find a way to get the bottles to a recycling plant yourself. 

Reach out to companies like Dean's Waterservice Inc for more information about water delivery services.